Mobile Consular Outreach Service / Permanência Consular

What is a Mobile Consular Outreach Service?

In reality, a Consular Outreach Service is a sort of mobile Consulate. A consular officer goes to a city (Fall River or Taunton), and with the aid of a portable specially equipped computer, he can perform consular services (for example, he can process Citizen Cards or Passports).

This way, a Portuguese citizen who lives in Fall River or Taunton (or in nearby cities) does not need to go to New Bedford to apply or request certain documents. He can do it in those cities.


Where and when are these Consular Outreach Services provided?

Once a month, in Fall River and in Taunton. The schedule for 2018 is the following:

  • SER Jobs for Progress, 164 Bedford St, Fall River (from 9:30am to 3pm):
    • January 18;
    • March 8;
    • April 5;
    • Maio 3;
    • June 21;
    • September 6;
    • October 11;
    • November 8.
  • Lenox Green, 45 Mason Street, Taunton (from 9:30am to 3pm):
    • February 8;
    • March 22;
    • April 19;
    • May 24;
    • June 28;
    • September 13;
    • October 25;
    • November 29.

What do I need to do to use a Consular Outreach Service?

Those interested in obtaining these services should make an appointment a few days before the scheduled Consular Service by calling the Consulate (508-997-6151 or 508-993-5741) or by writing to providing your name, date of birth, telephone number, and the nature of the matter you wish to resolve at the Consular Outreach Service.

 What can I get done at the Consular Outreach Service?

You can register at the Consulate, apply for a Citizen Card and Passport, obtain most Birth, Marriage and Death records, register for voting, apply for documents to be picked up at the next scheduled outreach service.

 How do I pay at the Consular Outreach Service?
For each service provided during a Consular Outreach, you pay the correspondent amount provided for in the Schedule of Consular Fees, plus 15%.
Money Orders or cash only.
No checks or credit cards.