I need a Portuguese Passport. What should I do?
You should have:

  • Valid Citizen Card or Portuguese ID Card (Bilhete de Identidade)

If your Citizen Card is expired, you must renew it before you apply for your Passport, even if your current Passport is still valid. Please check the requirements on the page pertaining to the Citizen Card

You may choose between a Standard (at least 10 business days) request or a urgent one (at least 5 business days).

If applied to at a Mobile Consulate Service  a 15% extra fee applies.

PEP - What is it?

The Portuguese Electronic Passport (PEP) is a travel document issued to one person, that allows its holder to enter and exit national territory as well as enter and exit other Countries that recognize it for such purpose.


Who may apply for it?

Citizens who hold Portuguese citizenship have the right to a Portuguese Passport.
You may apply for your Passport in person at the Consulate. Family members, or friends may not apply for you.
Passports for minors (children under 18) are applied for by whoever has custody over them, but the minor needs to be present.
Judicially interdicted or mentally disabled citizens need to be accompanied by their legal guardian.


Passport Expiration Date

The Passport is valid for a period of five years.
For children under 4, the Passport is valid for 2 years.


Cancelation and apprehension

If your Passport has been lost, destroyed, stolen or misplaced, you need to immediately report that fact to the Consulate for cancelling and repossession purposes.
Legal guardians of minors and mentally disabled citizens may also request the cancelation and apprehension of their ward’s Passports.


Temporary Passport

If you don’t have a valid Passport, but have a valid Citizen Card (or have recently applied for a Citizen Card which has not arrived yet), you may request a temporary Passport in order to travel in an emergency. The Temporary Passport has a maximum validity of one year and should be replaced by a regular Passport, as soon as possible, even if still valid.


Emergency Travel Document

The Emergency Travel document is issued to individuals who hold duly confirmed Portuguese citizenship, who are undocumented while abroad, and who, in an emergency situation, are unable to produce sufficient proof of identification.
The Emergency Travel document is issued by the Consulate and it can ONLY be used to return to Portugal. It is issued for the period of time strictly needed to return to Portugal.