Portuguese citizenship for grandchildren (born abroad) of Portuguese grandparents

I am an American citizen born in the USA. My parents are also US citizens and are not (were never) Portuguese citizens. At least one of my grandparents is (was) a Portuguese citizen. I am interested in obtaining Portuguese citizenship. What do I need to do?

Documents you need:

  • Formally state that you wish to be Portuguese (fill out the attached form and sign it);
  • Certified copy of your US Birth Certificate, (issued by Vital Statistics of Massachusetts or the State where you were born.—can be obtained online or at the City Clerk’s office. This Birth Certificate should show the signature of your mother/father at the time of your birth, therefore, this certificate should be a certified copy of the Book of Births);
  • Certified copy of the birth certificate (long form) of your Portuguese grandparent
  • Certified copy of the Birth Certificate (long form) of your father or mother who descends directly from the Portuguese citizen
  • Certified copy of your grandparents’ Marriage Certificate
  • Copy of your US Passport or another valid picture ID document;
  • Original criminal record certificate issued by FBI and also from all countries where you have resided previously (certificates should be issued within 6 months prior to submission)
  • Proof of your present residence (i.e. US driver license);
  • Proof of fluency in Portuguese Language through one of these means:
    • Certificate of proficiency in Portuguese obtained through a test administered in the jurisdiction area of the Consulate (for more information, please contact João Caixinha;)
    • Academic certificate issued by an official Portuguese educational establishment (private or cooperative);
    • Academic certificate issued by an official educational establishment (private or cooperative), which is legally recognized in an official Portuguese speaking country;
  • Proof of actual connection to the Portuguese local community (written in Portuguese) for example:
    • Legal residence in Portugal; (Authorization of Residency card)
    • Regular trips to Portugal; (entry/exit stamps in your passport)
    • Ownership of property recorded 3 or more years prior, in your name, or lease contracts dated 3 years prior, pertaining to real estate located in Portugal;
    • Residence or connection to a Portuguese historic community outside Portugal;
    • Regular participation (in the 5 years prior to your request of Portuguese citizenship) in cultural activities of the Portuguese community of your country of residence, namely in activities of Portuguese social and recreational organizations of those communities.
  • Fees (see below)

Note: Civil Registry certificates from the US issued in Massachusetts must receive an apostile - 

Does the Consulate intervene?

  • Subject to the documents in existance
  • To record marriages occurred in USA (separate cost).
  • It is advisable that Civil Registry certificates from the US be translated to Portuguese. The translation may be requested at the Consulate (cost charged per page).

Note: payments at the Consulate are in cash

VERY IMPORTANT: The petition with all supporting documentation, as well as payment in Euros (see below), will be mailed directly to the Conservatória dos Registos Centrais in Portugal for final review.

Conservatória dos Registos Centrais
Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 200
1099-033 Lisboa, Portugal

Fee to be paid to Conservatória dos Registos Centrais

You need to enclose 250 Euros, either by:

  • Bank check in EUROS (from a US bank with corresponding bank in Portugal) payable to IRN, IP; or
  • Money Order, in EUROS, payable to IRN, IP addressed to the Conservatória dos Registos Centrais.