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Elections and Voter’s Registration

I am a Portuguese Citizen and I reside in the United States.
What do I need to know in order to vote at the Consulate of Portugal in New Bedford for the elections that take place in Portugal?

Registering to Vote

All Portuguese nationals over 18 with active electoral capacity have the right and the duty to register to vote, to confirm their voter’s registration, and to request an amendment or correction of their voter’s registration information.

Voter registration is now automatic and follows the address stated on the «Cartão de Cidadão». Therefore the electoral registers of the Consulate of Portugal in New Bedford will incorporate those that have a Cartão de Cidadão with a home address located in the consular area of New Bedford.

Those that got registered in the past, unless any changes where requested by the voters themselves, continue to hold a valid voter registration at the Consulate of Portugal in New Bedford.

Portuguese voters residing abroad may, at any moment, request the cancelation of the respetive voter registration. Also, whenever it is requested the inssuance of a «Cartão de Cidadão», its holder may express his preference regarding keeping or cancelling his voter registration. 

Portuguese voters holding a lifetime (vitalício) Portuguese ID card and if never registered to vote, should contact the Consulate.  

To vote at the Consulate of Portugal in New Bedford, besides being part of the voter registers of the Consulate, a Portuguese voter must bring a valid Portuguese ID and proof of address in the US. 

Voter registration is a voluntary decision and free of charge.  

Portuguese voters residing abroad, once registered, may vote at the following elections: 

- European Parliament

- Portuguese Parliament

- Portuguese Presidential elections


Additional information:


Assistance Phone Line: +351213947101

Vote registration - text message: +351962171000