Waiver - National Defense Day

Waiver - National Defense Day

Situation 1

You hold a Portuguese citizen card with an address in the US or outside Portugal for more than 6 months.

In this case, you will need to send to ddn@defesa.pt the form available at https://bud.gov.pt/ddn/dispensa/requerer.html  without carrying out any other type of formality.

Situation 2

You hold a Portuguese citizen card, however you reside in the US or outside of Portugal for less than 6 months or you have not yet updated your address on your Citizen’s card, and you still have a Portuguese address.

In this situation, you must submit a formal waiver request (form available at https://bud.gov.pt/ddn/dispensa/requerer.html) and attach a document proving your residence in the US or abroad, such as:

  • proof of school enrollment issued by a local school,
  • a statement issued by law enforcement agencies proving local residence,
  • an employment contract or a statement issued by the employer.

If you are unable to provide proof of residence issued by a US/foreign authority, you can always request a certificate of residence at the Consulate near you.

The application and proof of residence are sent by the applicant to the Ministry of National Defense by e-mail: ddn@defesa.pt or by postal mail: Direção Geral de Recursos de Defesa Nacional, Av. Ilha da Madeira, nº1, 4º andar, 1400-204 Lisboa.