cartao de cidadao

Request for a Death Certificate

I need the Death Certificate of a family member.
How can I get it?

 This service is by postal mail only.

Please send to the Consulate the following documents:

  • Copy of your old certificate OR a copy of a valid Portuguese identification document (if you don’t have any of these documents, write in a paper your full name, date of birth, and full name of your parents);
  • Cover letter explaining the service you require and your contacts (email and cell phone number);
  • Money Order payable to "Consulate of Portugal" on the amount of 24,25 dollars (certificate + regular mail). If you require priority mail, the Money Order should be on the amount of 31,65 (certificate + priority mail).
  • The money order must be signed and show your address.

Sent your request to: 628 Pleasant St., Room 204, New Bedford, MA 02740