cartao de cidadao

Certificate for Importation of Automobile

I have been living in teh US for a few years and now I intend to permanently return to Portugal. Can I bring my car?

Yes. If you are a Portuguese national, who is over 18 years old, living in the US for six months and owning a vehicle for a minimum of six months counting from the date on the respective title, you can take your car when you return to Portugal , duty free. The requests for car tax exemption by transfer of residence from a foreign country to Portugal are now exclusively done at Portal das Finanças by electronic transmission. In order to do so registration will required at  (No English version available)

Vehicle requirements  (No English version available)

Documents to be sent electronically  (No English version available)

Do I need to go to the Consulate?

In the event that there is no authority in the country of origin responsible for controlling the termination of residency, cancellation can be certified by the consular entity - visit