cartao de cidadao

Baggage Certificate

I have been living in the US for a few years and I am planning to return to Portugal permanently. Can I take my personal belongings?

If you have been living in the US for more than one year, you may import, tax free, all your personal belongings when you return permanently to Portugal.

Required documents:

  • Signed (original, handwritten), in triplicate (three originals) and dated Statement (click here for sample - in Portuguese only);
  • Self-addressed envelope;
  • Copy of Passport;


It is necessary that you state you intend to relocate permanently to Portugal: Change of residence statement (in Portuguese only)

To import an automobile you should obtain a Certificate for Importation of an Automobile Vehicle.

Cost: Money Order on behalf of «Consulate of Portugal» on the amount of 27,81 USD (certificate + regular mail). If you require priority mail, the Money Order should be on the amount of 35,01 dólares (certificate + priority mail).

Address of the Consulate: 626 Pleasant St, room 204, New Bedford, MA 02740