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Presidencial elections 2021

How to vote

Presidencial elections 2021

Portuguese citizens residing abroad may vote in the presidential elections (Portuguese Republic) if they are registered as voters in the voter registration book of the Consulate of their respective area of residence.

It is up to the voter to verify that their data are correct. For this purpose, visit . If there are any inaccuracies, you should contact, in writing, the Consulate responsible for the voter registration book in which the voter is registered.

To exercise your right to vote you will need to visit the polling station stipulated for this purpose (in the case of the New Bedford consular area, the vote will take place on the premises of the Consulate itself), on January 23rd (8 am until 7pm ) or on January 24th, 2021 (8am to 3pm).

Once inside the polling station, you should indicate your name and identify yourself using your Portuguese identity card or Citizen Card, or failing that, a document that has an up-to-date photograph that is usually used for identification. You can also identify yourself through two voters who attest to your identity on oath or by the unanimous recognition of the voting table members.

The chairman will give you a paper ballot and you should then proceed to the designed voting area. There you should fill with a CROSS (X) the box that is in front of the candidate you want to vote for. Fold the ballot in four with the printed side facing inward.

Then, return the folded ballot to the chairman who will introduce it into the ballot box.

The ballot shall be considered null if:

More than one square has been marked or when there are doubts about which square is marked;
The box corresponding to a list that has given up on the elections or has not been admitted has been ticked;
the ballot has any cut, drawing, erasure or words written by the voter;

A ballot shall be considered to be a blank ballot  when not subject to any type of mark.